Posted by Carl on
Thanks Floyd for the most relaxing massage ever when I was in Dallas two weeks ago. It's always good to see you and to know I can always count on you to fulfill my needs. Trust me, I'll be back as soon as I can!
Posted by Lewis on
I was completely satisfied during my session today with Floyd, and I'm looking forward to also meeting Jeff at the next one.

I very highly recommend Floyd's Touch. All my expectations, and more.....

Posted by Allan Smith on
Hi Floyd,

It has been way too long since I had time to get a GREAT massage with you. I keep trying to find some time and I am going nuts. Anyway, I always wanted to post my gratitude for the fine work you do, but could never seem to get into the guest book. So, anyway, I have been to several other massage therapist and enjoyed them a lot. However, I have still yet to encounter one that can beat what you do for me. The atmosphere and gentile professional touches you provide have proven to be the best I've encountered. I felt so at ease in our first session, and each time I came back was just as sumptuous as the first. I truely envy Jeff. You are a wonderful man. Of course, from what I have seen and read, he is pretty great too. I am still drooling for a chance to get to experience the cynergy of the both of you at once (VERY HOT). Soon I hope. Until then, Thank you again for being an important part of my life, and know that you both are often in my thoughts. See you very soon...

Posted by David Gates on
Your Services sound great- I am a new M.T. and would like to learn more about some of your Sessions.

Posted by AB on
Floyds touch was great. Very nice guy and made me feel so much better. Would highly recommend his service.
Posted by Paul on
Just wanted to thank you Floyd for such a great massage. The best ever for me. I can tell you it has made a new man out of me. You have a new fan that's for sure. See you again August 11th. I can hardly wait!
Posted by Paul D. on
I first visited you for my FIRST massages 4-5 yrs ago and am once again in the DFW area. Your new web site is very impressive and I'm anxiously awaiting my first appointment to take advantage of your new disciplines. Nice to see you so successful, Floyd!
Posted by James on
I have been using Floyd's touch for many years. He is the best there is! I feel so much better after the great massage. I always look foward to returning. One will not find any better! Thanks..
Posted by Paul on
First time today - gotta say the entire experience was great! Very relaxing, but most of all, Floyd was extremely professional & knows what he's doing!
Posted by Todd on
Floyd, Just wanted to tell you how absolutely wonderful the massage was on my visit with you on 10/12. You are a real sweetheart and made me feel like I use to remember I could enjoy myself. Your touch is just perfect, and was always in the right place with the right pressure. You are so cute, much more so than your pics. You have a great body and our mutual time together will lead me to a return visit for sure when I'm next in Dallas. Thank you so much for a great experience. Hugs and kisses to you.
Posted by Rich on
Absolutely the best massage I have ever had in my life! I was feel pretty sluggish for a couple of weeks, and now I feel invigorated. Floyd has a great touch with strong hands. He is also a very nice person and made me feel very comfortable. Definitely will be making return trips to see him. Thanks Floyd!
Posted by Marvin on
Floyd, enjoyed our session together today. One of the best if not the best massage I have ever had. Thanks for being there.
Posted by admin on
I have had several sessions with Floyd, but it had been a while. I met with him yesterday for 2 hrs and realized it had been TOO long since my last visit. The whole session was excellent. Imagine your body on an endorphine overlaod and you can appreciate Floyd's touch. I look forward to my next visit.
Posted by Gary on
Why would I EVER go anywhere else? I decided to do the 4 handed massage with Floyd and Jeff. WOW. This is by far the best massage I've ever experienced. Beyond being technically effective, it is relaxing and exhilarating at the same time! These guys have definitely found their groove together. You feel as if there is one man with four hands working perfectly in sync with each other.

Thanks Floyd and Jeff for an awesome massage!
Posted by James on
Floyd is the best. By far he does the best massage I have ever had. The whole session was excellent! He has been doing my massages for over 10 years now and will continue to do them. I always look forward to my next appointment! Thanks Floyd..
Posted by mark on
Floyd great massage the other day. I was so relaxed for the rest of the week .Hope next time I can get your 4-handed massge Thanks again
Posted by Larry on
Beyond compare! I can't even begin to express how incredible the experience is. Won't even consider another massuer.
Posted by George on
I just scheduled another session with Floyd for the coming week. I was trying to figure out how long I have been seeing Floyd, I think it has been close to nine years now. When I was first looking for a therapist, I tried a a number of others in the DFW area before I found Floyd. Once I did, I knew he was going to be my guy. Most of the others are no longer around, so I obviously made the right choice. After years of working with Floyd I have never once been disappointed in a session. I work at a desk and travel quite a bit so I feel like massage is something that is almost necessary to maintain my good health. I can tell when it's time for a return visit and I always choose Floyd. To say that He is great with his hands would be an understatement. The technique and pressure Floyd uses is just right to relieve the knots and tension and he always guides the session by checking on me from beginning to end. His space is warm and comfortable and has great energy too. But for me personally, the best part is that Floyd connects with his clients on a whole other level. I knew from the first time we shook hands that Floyd was a kind and loving soul, and that comes through in his work. He's just a really nice man - someone you would enjoy spending time with. I have never felt the least bit intimidated or uncomfortable on the table because I know Floyd is going to take great care of me every time. If you're looking to heal your body and your soul, you're in great hands with Floyd. I hope to experience a four-hand massage with Floyd and Jeff as soon as I can arrange it. Big hug and Big Love to you Buddy. See you soon!
Posted by Mike on
I have been reading some of the postings on here and I agree 100%. Floyd is the best! I have been going to him for years too, recommended freinds to him and they agree he is good! He takes such good care of you always making sure you are ok. Thank You Floyd for giving such a great massage and being such a great person yourself! hugs and kisses, Mike
Posted by Kevin on
I'm eager to get back to Dallas so I can schedule another massage with Floyd. Do yourself a favor and get a session lined up - it will exceed your expectations! The atmosphere, the firm and thorough touch, and Floyd's attitude all add up to a tremendous experience.
And just when you think it cannot get any better, go back and have a four hand session. You will drift off to another place. It's a truly decadent indulgence that will take you to ecstacy.
Posted by Jerry on
The sessions are awesome. While I have been a customer for several years I was absent from his sessions for a couple of years. What a mistake! Floyd knows where my knots are and works to get them out as well works around any injuries. Very comfortable environment in which both of you are at ease which adds to the relaxation experience. He can go deep on areas that need it and then gently rub them back ensuring the knot will not return. I will be recommending friends to him. He takes great care of his clients and he makes you feel great. This man is truly amazing. Thank you Floyd for being who you are.
Posted by Oscar on
I received a 4-hand massage from Floyd and his partner Jeff and it blew me away! If you like a regular 2-hand massage, you will love a 4-hand massage. These guys work in concert and provide an awesome experience. Two thumbs up! Can't wait to schedule my next 4-hand massage.
Posted by cm on
I have been going to Floyd for several years and his sessions are incredible. He puts you at ease instantly and knows what you need without really telling him. His hands are strong and yet tender. He's definitely not just going through the motions. He wants you to enjoy your massage and be satisfied. He's very caring and a great guy. Overall, it a awesome massage. Do yourself a favor and make an appointment.
Posted by Randy on
I first visited Floyd back in 2000 and had several incredible sessions. I ended up moving out of Dallas and when I returned in 2013 one of the first things I did reschedule another session. This time it was a "full" 2 hour Tantric session. I submitted totally Floyd's considerable skill and expertise. I was totally comfortable in my submission and the experience was outstanding. I have just scheduled another two-hour session.
Posted by Jayson on
This was my first male to male massage, and I was nervous. Floyd made me feel COMPLETELY at ease. I left with a hug and felt so good about the experience. Floyd is a quality guy and I look forward to my next session. Let your inhibitions go and enjoy a man to man bonding session via massage. I can't wait for my next session. By the way, I am a married man and a bit curious, so this was just the perfect way to open up to another man, and I am SO GLAD that man was Floyd.
Posted by Jwxyz on
I had a tantric massage once before I came to Floyd while on business in Minneapolis. That experience was nothing like any of the times I have spent with Floyd, and is why I continue to cum back every chance I can get while in Dallas for business. I invite you to schedule your session today, you will be glad you did.
Posted by Mike on
Floyd is always professional and thorough. One of the best massages I have ever had.
Posted by Dennis on
This was my first session I was nervous, but Floyd quickly puts you a ease. He is friendly, kind and seems very genuine. He was easy to talk with and consistently checked with me throughout the session for comfort level. Floyd is a very talented masseur. It was truly an amazing experience. I would highly recommend Floyd and I certainly plan on scheduling with him again.

Thank you Floyd
Posted by ron on
I had the four handed session and it was my first. what a wonderful experience, great. Both Floyd and his partner are super nice guys and very talented. From the minute ii walked in, i had a feeling of comfort , closeness, and welcome. Guys, it doesnt get better than this. Thank you guys, i will be back.
Posted by Wil on
I had my first massage yesterday and it was one of the best experiences I have had. Floyd was very helpful and made me feel comfortable as a new massage client. I will definitely be back!
Posted by john on
Floyd is amazing -- I have been coming to him since we were both young -- he is a great at massage -- a great guy who can ask be a firm Master when needed -- sometimes I need to be tied down and spanked -- don't you :)?
Posted by Robert Rolwing on
I would love to get a massage by you/please CUM to Chicago
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